How to Get In on the Fake-Tan Act When You Have Particularly Pale Skin

A fake tan can be tricky to master in any case, but when you have pale skin, finding a self-tanner that won't look blindingly obvious is especially difficult. Of course, you want something that laces skin with a glow reminiscent of last year's holiday to Santorini (but without any holidays booked). You also need it to look realistic. And with no natural golden undertones to work with, the key is in finding a formula that won't make you look orange.

If you don't have fair skin, you should head over here to shop from our favourite fake tans of all time, but if you do have fair skin, you probably shouldn't just reach for any old bottle of fake tan. Instead, you need to be on the lookout for hi-tech formulas with added hydrating, exfoliating and brightening ingredients, as it's these that'll make skin look healthier, and the end result more genuine.

You know the drill—we've scoured through the Byrdie beauty cupboard to pull out the best fake tans for pale skin that will leave you suitably (not suspiciously) glowy.