How to Tan Your Face Whilst Ensuring It Still Looks Like It Belongs on Your Body

If you're after a tanned face but can't be bothered to strip off and start buffing tanning mousse up and down your entire body (we feel you), heed our advice. Unless you want to look as though you've had a head transplant, it's vital you don't just pick out any old facial tanner—for this job, only the most natural, authentic-looking, glow-inducing will do.

We've collated a list of the best fake tans for the face that we regularly rely on, but before we share the intel, note the following points: Tanning your face requires tanning your neck, too, lest you come out looking patchy. Plus, like the body, a well-exfoliated complexion is vital in ensuring the finished result looks like the genuine article, as is a thorough buffing-and-blending job. Ready? Okay. Below are the most natural-looking self-tan formulas for the face.