These Fake Tans Look So Real That No One Will Be Able to Tell the Difference

Fake tans are pretty special. Not only can it help you score a holiday-worthy bronze free from all the sun damage (and travel expenses), but now that formulas are more advanced than ever, there are plenty of skin-nourishing benefits too.

An authentic-looking sunless tan that leaves skin softer than silk from the comfort of our own bathroom? Yep, that's our kind of deal. Even if you have super-sensitive skin that reacts badly to DHA (aka dihydroxyacetone, the key tanning agent in most fake tans), strong fragrances or harsher ingredients, there are still endless options for bagging a healthy glow. Plus, there are more formulas than ever suited to super fair and even darker skin tones too.

Of course, the tanning market is full of hits and misses, but we've set about rounding up the crème of the faux glows to help you sidestep streaks, patches, uneven fades and soggy smells. Ready to get yourself beach-bronzed? First, read our advice on how to tan in the winter, and then below you'll find a list of the best fake tan formulas in all the land.