If You've Had Enough of Blocked Pores and Blackheads, We've Got a Solution

There are a lot of great things that produce steam: hot chocolate, saunas, warming bowls of soup, etc. It's also a lifesaver for stuffy noses and dry air in the home, so it's not surprising that steam does wonders for our skin too. If you've ever gone for a facial at a spa, you might have felt steam in one of your treatments. And while you may not be able to swing by a spa every day, you can still incorporate steam into your at-home skincare routine via a facial steamer.

And it's well worth it, according to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD: "Facial steaming can help hydrate and soften the outer skin layer, enhancing penetration of active ingredients into the skin." We have to say that one of our favourite benefits of steaming is the way that it helps to clear blocked pores. If your complexion is in need of a boost and you've had enough of blackheads being the main topic of conversation, we've picked out the best facial steamers for you to test out.