The #1 Beauty Mistake London Women Are Making

Cleansing is the backbone of great skincare. If you focus on cleansing properly and thoroughly, the skincare products you use afterwards will work more efficiently. Think about it: You wouldn’t paint a room without washing the walls and sanding down the rough patches first.

And you should adopt the same approach with your skin. If you want your serum or moisturiser to make a real difference and want your makeup to go on smoothly and flawlessly, finding the best facial cleanser is key. And if you live in a city, then cleansing is even more crucial. We now know that particulate matter, small particles of pollution, can sit on the skin causing inflammation and accelerated ageing.

The key to ridding your skin of pollution (as well as makeup, dirt and oil) is to wash twice daily with a good facial cleanser. So that’s why we were surprised when Space NK revealed to us that London shoppers are spending the least money proportionately on cleansers than women in other parts of the country, with just 23.4% of them spending money on a cleanser.

Since Londoners are city dwellers, cleanser should be a key product in every bathroom cabinet. Don’t think pollution is that bad in London? Well, remember back to when London had already breached pollution limits within the first week of 2016? Yeah, not great. According to Space NK, cleansing products are most popular in the south-west of the country, where proportionately 38.7% of shoppers are spending money on cleansers, closely followed by North Scotland at 37.4%.

Inspired to up your cleansing game? Keep scrolling for our pick of the best facial cleansers…