12 New-Generation Toners That Will Transform Your Skin

If you're not using a toner right now, then you need to re-think your regime, because they are fast-acting, skin plumping and brightening wonders (yes, really). Toner was originally invented as an antidote to the drying soaps women used to wash their faces, helping to balance the skin's pH. Funny then, that the common perception of toners is that they strip the skin. These days our cleansers are not as drying as they once were, and neither are toners, for that matter.

Thanks, in part, to our obsession with K-beauty, toners are back on the agenda. In other parts of the world, toners are known as lotions or softeners or tonics. This new generation of toners has different purposes depending on your skin's needs. You may want a toner to boost your hydration levels, tackle dullness and pigmentation, or simply to ensure that your skin is completely cleansed of the day's makeup.

And yes, it may be an extra step in your routine, and we're busy women, but the seconds it takes to sweep a toner-soaked cotton pad across your complexion or pat a few drops of the liquid onto a cleansed face are well worth the skin-refining results you'll reap. Keep scrolling for our pick of the best toners.