No, a Cleanser That Doesn't Leave You Red and Raw Isn't Too Much to Ask

Cleansing is super important—any skincare expert will tell you that. But when you're dealing with a temperamental complexion that needs only look at an essential oil or potent active to turn an angry shade of red, the whole cleansing thing can become one massive debacle. Speaking your language?

The reason you've been having these sink-related nightmares is likely to be because the cleanser(s) you've been using contain(s) harsh, foamy surfactants that, yes, cleanse but also strip skin of its natural oils, and it's those little guys that help to keep it the right side of calm. Essential oils, which often crop up in many natural cleansers, can also contribute to irritation, although which ones you react to tend to be on a case-by-case basis.

We know it sucks. You've been dealt a pretty crappy card in the skin department, but it's unlikely your complexion is going to get hardier anytime soon—so try to pay a little closer attention to the products you give face time. Making sure you pick the right face cleanser for sensitive skin will massively help prevent bouts of irritation.

These are actually the gentle cleansers that the sensitive-skinned Byrdie editors have had the most success with.