8 Brilliant Eye Shadows Vloggers Always Use

When it comes to beauty inspiration, our favourite vloggers and bloggers can always be relied upon to share news of an exciting launch or have a brand-new product hidden up their sleeve. But sometimes, just sometimes, you want something that’s familiar—something that’s tried and tested rather than brand spanking new.

Luckily, just like the rest of us, the experts we love have their favourites too—those products they can’t live without that you’ll spot popping up in makeup tutorials and posts all the time. And trust us, there’s a lot of competition for a permanent position in their makeup bags, so the products that make it are the real deal.

Eye shadow, in particular, is something that’s easy to feel overwhelmed by, from choosing the right finish to finding a formulation that won’t end up smudged or creased by the time you leave the house. Not to mention finding the perfect shade from a cast of thousands. But worry no more: We’ve rounded up the experts’ favourites.

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