These Are the 5 Eyeliners I Always Keep in My Makeup Bag

Finding the best eyeliner has been a long journey. I remember the first time I fell in love with eyeliner. I was 14 and I used my mum's sharpened-down black kohl in my waterline. It wasn't the best eyeliner ever, but it was a revelation—immediately my eyes looked more defined and made me feel grown-up. I ended up wearing this look for the next six years. For day, it was always a little smudged around my top lid and a bit on the bottom. For night, I would thicken the line around my eyes for a more smoky look (before I knew what I was doing).

Photo: Imaxtree

But in my early 20s, I discovered the liquid liner. And without sounding too dramatic, it changed my life. The style I had been sporting with the smudged liner was looking a little dated. I no longer looked grown-up, but rather like I was auditioning for a Courtney Love tribute band. So I turned to Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner (£5) to give myself a subtle eyeliner flick.

Over the years, in addition to a wondrous liquid (or pen) eyeliner, there are four other eyeliners I've discovered that every woman needs in her makeup arsenal: kohl, coloured, gel, and brush pot. That makes five in total that you will always need. By now, I've probably tried nearly 50 types of liner, so I thought it would be best to whittle them down to give you my definitive guide and list which types are the best. Your eyes will thank you.

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