Yes, Eyelash Serums Do Really Work—If You Choose Wisely

Have you noticed your eyelashes looking a bit meh post-winter? A lack of vitamin D (the "sunshine vitamin") can prevent them from growing to their full potential during the colder months. So if you've spotted some sparse areas or shorter-than-usual lashes, it's probably because, just like plants, they need some sun and a Miracle-Gro–like formula. We've had a few bouts of sunshine, but as for the lash equivalent of plant food? Enter eyelash-growth serums.

These concoctions, which usually contain peptides, amino acids, hair-loving oils and vitamin B7 (better known as biotin, a vitamin that's crucial in preventing hair loss), give your lashes all they need to stay in the anagen (or growth) phase longer and prevent lashes from shedding, so you'll have longer lashes and more of them.

For the devoted, there are serums that you apply daily to the roots; otherwise, there are lash primers and even mascaras that have woven lash-boosting serums into a multitasking product so you can treat your lashes without adding an extra step into your routine. So which eyelash-growth serum should you choose? Our pals over at Rank & Style have revealed the best eyelash-growth serums in the world. Keep scrolling for some of the best serums on the internet, and then head over to Rank & Style to see which other ones made the list.