9 Magical Eye Creams That Will Make Your Lines Disappear

We get it: We need thin skin around our eyes so we can move them, but does it have to get quite so wrinkly quite so soon? And those pesky fine lines appear without warning! One day the skin is plump, youthful, smooth as silk, with those expression lines dissolving when your face is still, smooth like a cherub. But just like that (*clicks fingers*), like creases in crêpe paper, those lines won't go, no matter how still and limp you try to make your face (and boy, have we tried).

There are a few factors at play here: In our 20s, those fine lines are often temporary; usually, you can put them down to dehydration—easily fixed with a moisturising eye cream, a bottle of Evian and an early night. Because environment plays a part, with pollution and UV rays breaking down the skin, you can (and should) prevent it with an antioxidant-rich product that will also put up a fight against wrinkle-causing free radicals. And then, of course, there is the natural movement in our faces that causes wrinkles to appear. To tackle these, you need to look to plumping ingredients to fill in the fine lines, softening their appearance. Luckily we have recommendations whatever type of lines you're trying to firefight.

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Do you really need to use an eye cream? We put the question to the experts.

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