This Product Will Totally Help Iron Out Puffy Eyes

Woke up with puffy eyes again? Us too. And whether you know the cause or not (crying, perhaps, or maybe not getting enough sleep), they can be pretty frustrating. What you'd love is for a magic skin-friendly iron to wave over the area and dissipate all signs of congestion, right? While that doesn't exactly exist, there is a near-exact alternative: eye cream. Now, if you're over there rolling your (puffy) eyes at the idea that an eye cream can help, hear us out.

We've already explained the merits of eye creams and how to use them, but when it comes to puffiness, the reason your under eyes look as bouncy as a White Company pillow is likely to be because the skin around them is dehydrated and a little inflamed. A peptide-packed, soothing eye cream is the perfect thing to cool and settle the skin and leave eyes looking smooth and bright almost instantly. We've already provided a full rundown of our favourite eye creams, but if you're looking for the best eye cream for puffiness in particular, the below selected few should set you right.