8 Body Products That Make Us Feel Better Naked

We all take really good care of our skin—right? We wax poetic each day about all the serums, lotions, potions, peels and masks we swear by. We get laser treatments, invest in chemical exfoliants, make appointments for facials and sometimes opt for injections.

But skincare encompasses more than just our faces; there's skin on every square inch of every limb on our bodies. Dermatologists famously say to start at the nipples, musing we should take care of our chests and necks just as well as we do our foreheads, under-eyes and cheeks, but I'd argue our entire bodies crave this attention. So, in the interest of our legs, arms, elbows and toes, find the very best skin-smoothing body products with acids (and one with retinol because it's really spectacular) below.