Fine Hair? Try Adding This to Your Routine...

Everyone's hair is different. And if you were born with fine hair, you know that applying any styling product (regardless of that product's alluring description) comes with the potential for a day of lifeless locks. Curls fall out, and creams, thickening sprays, and hair sprays make hair oily and weighted. The struggle is real. And it's helpful to know which products are going to work with us rather than against us.

As a result of aforementioned hair issues, we can't even remember life before dry shampoo - it's essentially the saviour for those with fine hair. It has saved us on many hectic mornings and made it possible for us not to wash our hair every day—an important part of maintaining hair health. If you want to know what we're talking about, then you should check our edit of the best dry shampoos for your need to know on what the experts really rate. But read on for our pick of the products for when your thin hair needs a boost.

Keep scrolling for three dry shampoos perfect for fine hair.

Klorane's dry shampoo is recommended specifically for limp hair prone to oiliness—a problem fine-haired folks face on the regular.

Oribe has created some pretty amazing hair care products, including this dry shampoo that is also a texturizing spray. While markedly more expensive than other dry shampoos, Oribe's goes a step beyond, soaking up oil and giving your hair lift that will hold in place. 

While this particular dry shampoo is for all hair types, Detox adds body while zapping oil—perfect for fine hair.  

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Opening Image: Kenzo via ImaxTree