The #1 Dry Shampoo, According to the Internet

Is it just us, or is it kind of hard to remember a time before dry shampoo? As with other revolutionary inventions (e.g., sliced bread, smartphones, and Netflix), a world without it seems a little drearier and much less efficient. (OK… Netflix might be the exception.) Regardless, we’re almost certain that without dry shampoo (though baby powder, albeit with a typically ’80s grunge feel, used to tide us over), the world would be filled with limp, split, and moisture-stripped hair—a scary thought, indeed.  

Though we used to habitually wake at the crack of dawn to wash, dry, and style our hair, new research and professional testimony tout the time- (and hair-) saving less-is-more approach—hence our shameless addiction to dry shampoo. But with so many products on the market, some great and others not so much, finding the perfect formula can seem downright impossible (if your hair has ever become greasier than it was originally or turned a not-so-cute shade of white-grey, you know what we’re talking about). To save the day, our friends at Rank & Style (a site dedicated to creating lists of the top fashion and beauty products according to the Internet, thus doing all the legwork and research for you) have lent us a helping hand by sharing the web’s number one dry shampoo. Ready for the game-changing reveal? Keep scrolling to see the top pick and four (still amazing) runners-up!