7 Dry Shampoos That Are as Good as Washing Your Hair

Dry shampoo has made a bit of a shift in recent years. It’s gone from a guilty fix-up you would do on the sly to being just as essential as, well, your regular shampoo. Sure, this is largely because we’re sometimes too lazy to lather up, but stashing cans of the stuff has a host of other benefits too.

Take, for example, your post-gym hair. Even washed-that-morning locks can look sweaty and limp after a good spin session, and it doesn’t make sense to dunk your head under the shower stream again. Instead, part hair to one side, spritz the roots with dry shampoo, repeat on the other side, and then mist in the front and back to get hair feeling clean again.

It’s a handy styling tool, too. Because these powders and spritzes add bulk and grip to your hair, they’re perfect for increasing volume and texture in otherwise languid locks. You can even spray dry shampoo on a kirby grip to prevent the grip from sliding out, or mist it through the back of your fringe to stop hair sticking to your forehead.

The question is, which dry shampoo should you use? We’ve rounded up seven for every budget, which will keep sweaty post-gym hair—and thin, limp locks—looking full and fresh. Scroll through our gallery to see them all and find out where to shop.

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