The Affordable Makeup Brushes That Aren't a False Economy

Drugstore makeup brushes are a particularly tricky corner of the high-street beauty world to navigate. While the prices may be considerably lower than those of their luxe counterparts, there is always the risk that you're buying into a bit of a false economy. We've all experienced the frustration of going to apply blusher to find giant clumps have fallen out of the brush head or getting halfway through a smoky eye to find that the hairs of our eye shadow blending brush aren't picking up the full pigment pelt we can see in the palette.

The worst part is that it's pretty much unavoidable to mitigate this risk. So often makeup brushes are packaged in closed containers in store, so you can't even try on the back of your hand before you buy. To get it right, you need someone you can trust to tell you what's up—and hello, we're right here. We've compiled our roundup of the best drugstore makeup brushes that have just as much going for them as higher-priced options. Keep scrolling to see our recommendations, and may your makeup be expertly blended forever more.

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