These Drugstore Eyeliners Make Light Work of Cat-Eye Flicks

Drugstore eyeliners have come a long way in recent years. We've all faced the trauma of a pen that stops producing ink halfway through a cat-eye flick, or a formula that flakes off into little bitty black flecks that tumble down your cheeks, or ink that turns out to be, at best, dove grey and not the pitch black you were promised.

Thankfully, our frustrations haven't gone unheard. Finally, it would seem the world of affordable makeup has caught up with its luxe competitors, and you can now venture down the makeup aisle at Boots safe in the knowledge that you'll find a drugstore liquid eyeliner that doesn't just do the job, but does it well. The new wave of liquid eyeliners goes on smoother than ever, boasts super-dense pigments and stays put until the lure of a good-quality oil cleanser beckons the color away.

There are still some red-herring formulas haunting our shelves, however, which you need to avoid but that we can help you. Click through for our list of the best drugstore liquid eyeliners—follow this and you won't be disappointed.

Opening image: Getty/Ray Tamarra/Contributor