Drugstore Lipsticks Have Come a Long Way—These Are the 9 Best

Drugstore lipsticks are kind of like pick 'n' mix—they're a purse-friendly treat with unexpected surprises, and they'll also improve your day significantly. Let's not forget the variety of lipsticks on offer in the drugstore aisles now: We're talking a mix of texture, colour, finish and pigment in place of the wishy-washy chalk-like lipsticks of the past.

Previously, buying a drugstore lipstick was more akin to a risky game of roulette, as the formulations just weren't up to scratch. As product development in that price point has come on leaps and bounds, it's finally time to reacquaint ourselves with those shelves of lipsticks. To get you ready for your next shopping trip, we've picked out nine of the best drugstore lipsticks for you to have some fun with.