So You've Got Oily Skin—That Doesn't Mean You Need a Super-Pricey Foundation

Having oily skin can be pretty frustrating. While you're rarely short on hydration and have a permanent glow, the oiliness can wreak havoc with any makeup you try to put on top, especially foundation. You may start the day looking super matte, but if your skin has a propensity to overdo it on the oil production, by lunchtime, it's likely your natural sebum will have caused a tidal wave of pigment to start travelling down your face. And it can happen to even the best foundations if they're not suited to oily skin types.

While there are plenty of excellent foundations for oily skin out there (here's our comprehensive guide), you don't need to spend a wad of cash on this corner of your makeup bag: The drugstore market has come on leaps and bounds, and access to innovative technologies means that there are plenty of affordable formulas that will mop up excess oil and leave you looking just as matte as you intended.

We've cherry-picked the seven best foundations for oily skin below.