These Affordable Foundations Work With Pale Skin, Not Against It

If you have fair skin, you'll know full well just how tricky finding a foundation can be. You're after something that melds with your complexion, covers blemishes whilst flattering the nuances you don't want to hide (freckles, beauty spots and the like) without setting to a rock-hard layer of chalky colour after application. Not too much to ask.

But then add in the criteria of price and you've got another challenge on your hands altogether—drugstore foundations for pale skin are few and far between, right?

Well—for years, it was only the luxe beauty hall brands that funnelled time and money into creating the most realistic shades for all skin tones. But seemingly, times are a-changing and finally, high-street beauty companies are following suit, extending their shade ranges to suit the full spectrum of British skin tones. That means that it's not only easier than ever to find shades suitable for darker skins, but the fairer end of the equation has more options now too.

Ready to solve the case of the best drugstore foundations for pale skin? The following formulas should see you right.