9 Drugstore Foundations That Make Even the Driest Skin Look Dewy

Got dry skin? If you want a drugstore foundation, you just need to know how to shop for it. The trouble with dry skin is that there’s typically a real catch-22 for you and your complexion. Your dry skin is making your face look dull and lacklustre, so you want to add some radiance back in with your makeup. But the more makeup you add, the drier your skin becomes. It’s a cruel, cruel world.

What you need is a foundation that not only evens out patches of red and sullied ashen tones, but that hydrates at the same time. Pad out your epidermal defences with moisture and you’ll be able to stave off the drying side effects that come with cold weather, central heating and fluctuating hormone levels.


As well as studying the bottle for your perfect colour match, make sure hyaluronic acid runs high in the ingredients list. And while you’re at it, vitamin E and the natural skin brightener vitamin C are worthy shouts too. Texture-wise, oil-based and cushion-foundations tend to offer more lubrication than powders and creams and allow for an easier application; the last thing you want is to scuff away any potential flakes prematurely.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a worthy cover-up either. Discover the off-the-shelf foundations that get bonus points for budget as well as providing the perfect base.