This Is Officially the #1 Drugstore Serum (Plus, 6 Others We Rate)

Serums are highly concentrated products that drive active ingredients deep down into your skin. A serum should be added to your routine post-cleanse to tackle your skin concerns, be it pigmentation, dryness or lines; it's the real workhorse that can make a difference. As serums are so light in texture, you can even cocktail or layer various serums and forgo your moisturiser altogether.

Now, because these products are seriously potent, they typically cost more than your usual moisturiser, but thankfully, drugstore brands offer some great affordable and mid-priced serums that won't bankrupt you and are proven to work. We've rounded up the seven drugstore serums that Byrdie HQ and the internet rate the most. Keep scrolling to find the drugstore serum that will give your complexion some love.