Revealed: This Is the #1 Product That'll Give You Glowing Skin Immediately

When it comes to the best exfoliators out there, you can’t beat a good face scrub—that’s especially true when it comes the top facial polishes ranked and rated by people who really have lathered up with them. So luckily for you, we’ve hooked up with our friends over at Rank & Style to whittle down a list of the top five affordable face scrubs out there.

Whether you’ve got dry, flaky skin that needs a good buffing (it’s the best way to let those fresh skin cells glow), oily skin in need of a deep cleanse or pores in need of some vital unclogging, we’ve found the top rated face scrubs for you. But first, a quick note on how to really get the most out of an exfoliator.

While it can be tempting to scrub up on the daily, it's important to listen to what your skin really needs. Generally, dermatologists recommend starting slow with a scrub, perhaps using it once to twice a week, and then assessing how your skin responds. If you’re feeling a little sore or seeing more redness, ease up and consider switching to a gentler formula. It’s also vital to take care around the eyes—remember, that's some seriously delicate skin you're dealing with there! Along the T-zone, over your chin, and across your cheeks are key areas when it comes to exfoliating, so start there, scrub gently in circular motions and watch your skin rediscover its just-polished glow.

Keep scrolling for the five best face scrubs on the internet, and then head over to Rank & Style to see the rest of the top 10.

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