The Best Affordable Concealers That Totally Rival More Expensive Ones

Drugstore concealers are pretty useful for one good reason: If you lose one, you won't feel devastated or guilty for having forked out a load of cash on it. Meaning that you can buy another one and still have change from £20 to spare. And that's not the only reason more affordable cover-ups are great—they can work just as well as the more expensive versions. Now that's not to say the pricier options aren't worth the price—more often than not, they are—but if you haven't got too much cash to splash but still want pretty, flawless-looking skin, then drugstore concealers are your best solution.


We've tested many an affordable concealer and found so many that not only glide on beautifully but also cover up any blemishes we might want to hide without leaving big cakey patches. Whether that's dark circles under the eyes or a hormonal breakout, these formulas never gather, flake or look orange. We've also tracked down the best type of concealer for every skin shade so you can rest assured that whatever your need, we've got you covered.