These Drugstore Bronzers Don't Look Even a Tiny Bit Muddy

There once was a time when bronzer was the sole reserve of those of us whose skin falls into the "medium" category. For years, fair-skinned ladies feared being left with harsh muddy stripes down their cheeks, and those with darker skin tones felt hard-pushed to find a shade that would actually show up on their faces. Thankfully those frustrating days are over, and it's all down to an influx of realistic-looking bronzers with wider-than-ever shade ranges.

And we're not just talking big-budget luxury brands here. No, you can find a bronzer that will flatter the colour of your skin—no matter what colour it is—on the shelves of the nation's most-loved drugstore brands. And when you take into account the fact that bronzer is one of those wonder products can dial up the warmth of a drained winter face in a few seconds flat, this is quite frankly cause for celebration. So let us show you the ropes.

Keep scrolling to see our roundup of our favourite under-$14 drugstore bronzers, from shimmer finishes to matte textures.