News Flash: You Can Find Incredible Drugstore Beauty Buys All Around the World

You're not alone in your eternal search for a cost-effective beauty purchase—a drugstore beauty buy is loved the world over. Like our wardrobes, diets and television tastes, beauty consumers from all across the globe are—just like you—nailing that high/low balance, curating thoughtful, efficient beauty routines by pairing both those flashy luxe investment pieces, and those less fancy but trustworthy affordable items.

So while British beauty brands are certainly staking their claim as the producers of some of the most effective drugstore beauty products out there, if you really want to soup up your regimen, it can be worthwhile looking slightly further afield for your bargains too. Below, we've signposted some of our most called-upon drugstore beauty buys from all over the planet that you can get here in the UK, without those stomach cramp–inducing shipping fees.