This Is the Perfect Sunday Makeup, and It's Only £7

Drugstore BB creams are the comfy jeans of our makeup bags. Reliable, convenient and requiring zero effort, they won’t let you down, will gloss over lumps and bumps, and will make you look that little bit better (even if you feel like you’ve done five rounds with Mike Tyson the night before). Oh yes, they’re the go-to we all require after a big night out when—despite suffering from bloating and fluid retention—your skin is undeniably dehydrated. What an oxymoron.

They’re also a good shout if you’re spending your days mooching around the house, heading to yoga and generally filling your time with tasks that mean you might encounter another human (i.e., you want your skin to look presentable but without having to pile on the foundation). Don’t forget all the other skin benefits they come with too—blurring silicones to hide wrinkles and pores, antioxidants to brighten and boost, SPF protection to stop sun damage and colour-correcting pigments to even and perfect. With barely any need to apply anything else, don’t just save them for Sunday mornings, we say.

Read on to find out which drugstore BB creams we wouldn’t be without.