4 Foods You Should Put On Your Face Immediately

We’ve noticed something strange happening over the past few weeks—items from our kitchen pantry have somehow migrated to our bathroom counters. First, it was that jar of coconut oil (it’s officially replaced our shaving cream). Then, it was the coffee grinds we used to make that cellulite-busting leg scrub. Now, in honour of Earth Day, we’re getting our faces into the food game too.

“Facials and masks can be great for cleaning your skin and removing dead cells, but some are full of harsh chemicals and most aren’t the most eco-friendly,” NYC dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler says. The solution? Try an all-natural alternative instead. We asked Wechsler to share her favourite skin-boosting foods to smooth, plump, exfoliate, refresh, and brighten your complexion. We like to see it as the grown-up way to play with our food—all in the name of good skin, of course.

Click through the slideshow for three DIY face masks you can make with ingredients from your pantry. Happy Earth Day!