Want Glowing Skin All Year Round? Add This Product to Your Regimen

Dark spots are often caused by sun exposure, which triggers our skin to produce melanin (a tan) to protect us. Great when the tan is even, but more often than not we can end up with a cluster of melanin known as dark spots. (We'd always recommend faking a tan instead).

These cluster of pigmentation can also appear out of nowhere with age (although doctors tend to see a correlation between sun exposure and age spots). Then there are the dark spots that occur post-acne, these are red or dark brown (depending on your skin tone), and they hang around long after the blemish has run its course.

Hormones are another trigger, either during pregnancy or if you go on the contraceptive pill, that can cause pigmentation to appear on the skin (called melasma). Oh, and lastly researchers now believe pollution could be contributing to our patchy complexions.

So how do we tackle these dark spots? You need to add a skincare product to your routine that contains ingredients to fade the pigmentation while also preventing future dark spots from occurring. Our pals over at Rank & Style have collated the best dark spot correctors on the internet, and we have listed them out below from five to one. Keep scrolling to find the best dark spot corrector that will give you clearer, more glowing skin all year round.