7 Danish Beauty Bloggers We're Obsessed With Right Now

It's fair to say that 2016 has been the year of living Danishly. As autumn sets in, we're taking a leaf from our friends in Scandinavia and embracing hygge. But there's more to Danish life than just keeping things cosy, although it's not a bad place to start. 

Denmark is well known for its street style and design scene, beautiful summer days and long winter nights. The Danes embrace the finer things in life in many respects. From good food to spending time with friends, in Denmark, such delights are to be savoured. 

And when it comes to beauty, that approach still applies, with organic and natural brands forming an important part of the market, while most women prioritise skincare that protects them from the country's extreme weather. The natural beauty look is big too; a healthy tan and a smile are most Danish women's favourite accessories, unsurprising as this is one of the happiest nations on earth, after all. 

Some Danish bloggers share their musings in English, while others write in their mother tongue. But don't be put off—with the help of Google Translate, you can easily see what's new in the beautiful world of Danish bloggers. 

Click through to see what we've learned from some of our favourite Danish bloggers!