5 Top-Rated Dandruff Shampoos You Need to Know About



It’s true, dandruff can be a wily opponent. From the dry and itchy scalp to the falling white flakes, it can feel like your locks are under attack from all sides. Especially if you have sensitive skin that reacts to harsh treatments. But while learning how to get rid of dandruff has been somewhat of a cloak-and-dagger operation, with bottles of funky-looking shampoos lurking bathroom cabinets everywhere, but that no longer needs to be the case.

News flash: Even the cool kids get dandruff. While plenty of us are already seasoned dandruff shampoo hunters, there is a brilliant batch of innovatively packaged treatments that are so slick on the outside, you’d be forgiven for underestimating what’s inside. So how do you know which of these new dandruff treatments have what it takes? Luckily, the team over at Rank & Style has already done the hard work, and they have rounded up the best options out there.

Keep scrolling for the five best dandruff shampoos on the internet, and then head over to Rank & Style to see the rest.