This Is Why You Need to Try a Cream Contour Kit Stat



Mark our words: You should switch to a cream contour kit for autumn. There's no denying that contour products have cemented their place in our makeup bags. In fact, according to market research agency Mintel, twice as many women have bought a contour product so far this year compared to 2016, and nearly half of all UK women aged 16 to 24 have given the technique a go at some point.

Kim Kardashian West (contouring's most staunch pioneer) might have done a 180, claiming that she no longer contours, but even she came crawling back to the look with her KKW contour kits. Because when you get it right, contouring has unparalleled cheekbone-carving, jaw-defining power.

But it's not all smooth sailing. If you don't know your way around a contour kit, or you're not comfortable with a handful of makeup brushes, contouring can all too easily end in thick, harsh muddy stripes along the cheekbones.

Need a little more help in the contour department? We asked a top makeup artist the key considerations when contouring this face shape.