These 7 Conditioners Are About to Transform Your Afro Hair Routine

Conditioners are clearly the most exciting part of a hair routine. They're like eating a brownie after a boring desk lunch. The joy they illicit is primarily due to their ability to elevate hair within minutes, and who doesn't like quick results? This is especially true for Afro hair. I've done my fair share of experimenting with conditioners to find the ones that really make a difference to my natural coils.

Their superpowers can be found in the way they impart moisture, which is a head of Afro hair's best friend. A nourishing conditioner is one of the building blocks to greater moisture, which equals healthier hair, defined coils and more manageability. After a lot of testing, we've gone ahead and provided the game-changing conditioners for Afro hair that need to be front and centre in your routine.