After Extensive Research, I Think I've Found the Best Cleansing Oil

Cleanser is, quite frankly, the boring bit of the skincare world. Let's face it—washing your face has nothing on the joyous sensation of peeling back a mask to find gleaming skin underneath or the soothing sensation of massaging a buttery face cream into dry cheeks. Hell, even geeky serums are more exciting.

Thrilling it is not, but cleansing is categorically the most important step of your skincare regimen. Not only does it prepare skin to soak up whatever skincare gems you layer on top, but it also washes away all the junk (pollution, dirt, makeup and the like) that builds up on skin throughout the day.

The way I speed up this step so I can get down to the fun stuff (i.e., vitamin C pastes and hydrating eye creams) is by opting for an oil cleanser. Not only do these formulas melt away makeup in a flash, but they also leave the skin feeling nourished, not stripped. I've spent years trialling every cleansing oil I can get my hands on, and after a rather meticulous marking process, I'm pretty certain I've found the greatest ones.

Keep scrolling, and I'll talk you through the five best cleansing oils to ever grace my bathroom sink.