Make This One Skincare Switch to Save Your Dry Complexion This Winter

There's endless festive fun to be had as cold weather sets in, but our skin is never as amused as we are by the chill in the air. While we're sipping on gingerbread lattes, our skin is preparing itself for the upcoming months in dry-skin territory. Most of us will switch to heavier moisturisers and serums at this time of the year, but micellar water and a couple pumps of a light foaming wash might not cut it in the cleansing department.

In the winter, our skin cries out for dense, rich, makeup-melting cleansers that leave skin feeling soft, clean and crucially remove every trace of glittery party makeup there is. There's also something very cosy and soothing about using a warm muslin or fluffy mitt as your cleansing companion during this time of year. If you're ready to make space in your bathroom cabinet for the best cream, balm and oil cleansers around, look no further.