The Surprising Way You're Causing Wrinkles

Disclaimer: Even the best cleanser can't turn back time on your wrinkles. And we all know that ensuring you're using SPF every day has the biggest effect on those fine lines forming around your eyes and your mouth. But there is one thing that you need to know about why cleansers are the key to anti-ageing. When you don't take your makeup off or rid your skin of all the dirt it's collected during the day, your skin dries out and won't repair itself properly, which leads to the formation of wrinkles.

According to skincare specialist Nichola Joss, if you don't properly cleanse your skin at the end of the day, it will get dehydrated; however, "the skin needs to be as clean as possible in order for it to [repair itself]." Not only that, but Joss also says that "when you're leaving makeup on, especially around eyes, the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid [the stuff that helps your skin stay hydrated and plump] doesn't work as naturally as it should. You will very quickly see wrinkles from dehydration." Uh-oh indeed.

This all means, of course, that cleansing is paramount to great skin. It's important to ensure your skin can repair itself and therefore help stop those fine lines from forming, or at least slow them down a bit. To help, we've selected the best cleansers that we know work for every type of skin, from oily to dry, as well as ones for more sensitive complexions. Keep scrolling for the nine best cleansers to give you incredible skin.