Colour Disaster? 4 Clarifying Shampoos That Will Reset Your Hair

Home dye jobs are full of promise. You crack open that fresh box of "chestnut brown," and truly believe that the moment you put the product onto your hair, you'll be transformed. You'll become a brand-new person (we always hope for Beyoncé) with gorgeous shiny hair, and everyone you meet will tell you how fabulous you are. 

Of course, things never quite go as planned when dyeing hair yourself at home. All too often we've spoken to friends who have lamented that they've gone far darker than they imagined, or they've put on the wrong toner for their blonde hair and ended up brassier than before. Or, heaven forbid, they've even gone a little blue after putting on a silver shampoo. 

Then there's that time you lied to your hairdresser when they got a little colour-happy and made your hair look completely different to what you asked for. But in true British style, you smiled and nodded your head, only to get home and weep.

When faced with such dramatic hair-tastrophes, it feels like the only option is to grab a paper bag and shove it over your head. But thankfully, there are geniuses, aka hair lifesavers, out there who can help with tricks on what to do when you can't get to a hairdresser's. We spoke to Melanie Smith, Creative Master Colourist at Josh Wood Atelier, on the best tips to rectify a poor home dye job. 

Keep scrolling for expert tricks on sorting our your home dye as well as the best clarifying shampoos.