These Are the 7 Affordable Beauty Buys in Every Celeb Makeup Bag

Cheap makeup doesn't have to mean bad makeup. True, some of the more expensive stuff might look prettier or smell better, but rest assured that many of the formulas can be the same. Of course, the A-list knows this, as they have their faces painted on a regular basis, from photo shoots to red carpet appearances, so they end up trialling a plethora of affordable and expensive products. Which is why we've tapped their incredible knowledge on the matter of best cheap makeup buys. 

From the lipstick that Jennifer Aniston never stops wearing to the foundation that even Kim Kardashian West loves, we've got a list of seven must-have makeup buys that celebs really rate. So if you're keen to save a few pennies but want to look incredible at the same time, then this one is for you. Keep scrolling and click through our gallery of the best cheap makeup buys, as selected by the A-list.