These Affordable Full-Coverage Foundations Will Give You Expensive-Looking Skin

Full-coverage foundation for many of us is a daily go-to, so finding a cheap yet good-quality version is like finding a beauty holy grail. Yes, the skin trend du jour may be all about super-dewy, luminescent skin with all but a whisper of foundation sprinkled over the top. But the harsh reality is that this idea of ethereal, otherworldly, low-maintenance skin just isn't achievable on the vast majority of us—especially when you take late-night-induced dark circles, pesky patches of pigmentation and irritating spots into account. And as party season is on the horizon, we don't really have time to reach flawless skin through a skincare overhaul—although you'll find that a brightening face mask will help. The answer? Dial up the coverage of your foundation.

Before you start setting aside a mini trust fund to buy a foundation strong enough to get your skin in check in time for your Christmas party, we have news for you: It really doesn't have to cost the earth. In fact, the best cheap full-coverage foundations have just enough oomph to knock back blemishes, smooth out the complexion, last all night long and cost in the region of a tenner, which means even if you switch back to your lighter formula come January, you won't have wasted a chunk of cash.

Keep scrolling to discover the five best cheap full-coverage foundations formulations that team Byrdie swears by.

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