8 Concealers Our Favourite Celebrities Swear By

When it comes to concealer everyone has an opinion and many have a favourite that they've loved for years. A makeup bag staple that they couldn't bear to part with. Unless, of course, you have a flawless complexion like polished glass in which case we want to know your secret?!

Celebrities are also pretty passionate when it comes to concealer. Yep, even those stars who we assume are all blessed with that flawless complexion have to rely on concealer. Well, you would if you were being eyed-up by millions via HD cameras, too. So which concealers do these stars rely on to get them looking perfect under flashlight on the red carpet and just as flawless IRL? 9 of our favourite celebrities have revealed the concealers they swear by. In fact, one concealer is a top pick for not one, not two but three  stars (contender for your makeup bag then? We'll let you decide that one). From Kylie Jenner's favourite radiance-booster, to the palette Emily Ratajkowski swears by, keep scrolling for the best celebrity-approved concealers.