The International Team Shares the Brit Products They Buy

Welcome to Byrdie UK's Brit Month, a monthlong celebration of all things eccentrically and wonderfully British. From the little-known, homegrown beauty brands we're championing to the beauty trends that we Brits will be all over in 2017, this is the place to dive into all things quintessentially and brilliantly British.

The grass is always greener, or so the saying goes. Which is why we're obsessed with French women's hair, amazed by Korean skincare and take our fitness cue from whatever L.A. natives are doing. Of course, we're proud to be British, and we know we have some great beauty brands on this fair isle, but sometimes it's nice to be reminded of how good we've got it. Which is why I called on the international editors at Byrdie, our sister site Who What Wear and platform Obsessee to find out what British beauty products they buy on the regular. Needless to say, you won't be surprised that one particular brand features twice, plus there is a £6 nude lipstick that will make you stop next time you’re passing a Boots.

Keep scrolling to find out which British products are beauty highlights for our international editors.