I Swear By This Simple Route to Brighter Skin That Takes Minutes

We all have our own bespoke skin problems, but the one skin bugbear that seems to be true of all of us is that we're sick of our dull complexions. Brighter skin is on the top of my skin wish list, anyway, and I've spent years experimenting with all manner of skincare products to help get me there. And you know the one thing that I find really makes a difference? A brightening face mask. Let me explain…

From grainy exfoliating pastes to out-of-this-world dry sheet mask inventions, I spend most of my life peeking out from behind a face mask. Beyond an obsession with jade rolling and a pretty healthy vitamin C addiction, I do believe this mask habit is the reason that even on a miserable hungover day or when I'm feeling rundown, my skin never, ever shows it. In fact, a quick five-minute session with a hardworking mask has the power to awaken the greyest complexion and impart a crazy glow that most people think is only possible from a facial.

I've whittled down the metre-long list of formulas I adore to the seven very best brightening face masks. Keep scrolling to work out which ones you need to stock up on.