If You're Going to Wear Bold Lipstick, Don't Skip This Makeup Item



There's something so transformative about a swish of bold lipstick. You can feel tired, drained and at your utter worst, but trace your lip line with a creamy red bullet and the uplifting effect on both face and spirit is practically instantaneous. So assertive, punchy shades of red or attention-grabbing plums do hold the power to anchor a face, without the need for much else at all.

But at this time of year, when our skin is yet to see even a sprinkling of vitamin D and we've not quite thawed out from this unforgiving cold spell, complexions of all shades can look a little drained—and this is when a bold lip can start to look a little jarring. Yes, concealer is your friend here, helping to knock back red or sallow tones under the eyes to balance the complexion, but where you'll really see a benefit is in your choice of blusher.

Whether it's a thumb swipe of wind-bitten russet or a dusting of foam-shrimp pink, reintroducing a little healthy flush back into the cheeks can be all you and your bold lipstick need to look polished once more. To help you navigate, we've pulled together five of our favourite lipstick-and-blush pairings to suit every skin tone.