Body Sprays 2.0 Are Taking Us Back to Our Teenage Years (But in a Great Way)

Body spray was for my first foray into fragrance, and I suspect the same is true for most of my friends. With names like Charlie or Impulse, the sprays—which came in can form—were something we'd chuck in our P.E. bags for a midday refresh. Bizarrely, misting myself in a sickly sweet cloud of scent felt very grown-up when I was 14. By 18, I'd moved onto my much-loved bottle of Lancôme Miracle—the gateway to "adult" perfume had been opened, and I felt no need to look back… Until now.

This summer, luxury fragrance houses and beauty brands are bottling light fresh scents in cans. Body mists are back, and I'm not angry about it. Body sprays 2.0 leave a light aroma on the skin; some are cooling, and others have skincare benefits. Classic scents have been reimagined; elsewhere, new blends are making us feel oh so summery and, dare we say it, 15 again—but without the teenage angst (or smelling like we've rolled in a field of doughnuts and daffodils—sounds fun though). Below, I've selected seven of my favourite body sprays that are well worth snapping up for your summer holiday.

Pick a favourite and stash it in your carry-on stat.