I'm Addicted to Face Peels—So Now I'm Peeling My Whole Body

It's no secret that I love an at-home face peel, but the obsession doesn't stop there. Recently, as the sun has started shining, I've been using body peels. They work in much the same way as a face peel— containing acids to gently but effectively nibble away at dry, dulling skin—as opposed to body scrubs, which can either be a sloppy disappointment or a bit of a mess. I'm obsessed because after having used various body peels, I've found that my skin is softer and has an evener tone and a healthy glow about it. I'm not one to fake-tan regularly (I reserve the spray-tan gun for weddings and holidays), but a regular body peel leaves my pale skin looking good enough that I'm happy to put it on modest display sans bronzer.

Similar to their facial counterparts, body peels come in different guises. There are the leave-on lotions, oversize wipes or pads you use to slough your body with and then the liquids that you apply, wait and rinse. The lotions are the easiest to buy into, especially if you already use a body cream daily. The wipes and pads are the quickest and easiest, great for the time-poor or slightly lazy among us (it's okay; when it comes to body products, I'm happy to admit I'm very lazy). Lastly, there are the liquid peels that you apply using a large brush or your hand and then rinse. One caveat worth noting: If you're serious about body-peeling products, make sure you apply a sunscreen after, as they can make skin more sensitive to UV rays.

Keep scrolling for seven editor-approved body peels worth trying.