Found: 5 Body Lotions That Don't Take Ages to Sink In

Picture the scene: You reluctantly emerge from a hot shower having scrubbed and lathered and rinsed to your heart's content when it hits you—that wall of stark and disturbing cold bathroom air that assaults your body from all angles. It's bleak. But before you reach for that towel or fluffy hotel robe, you've got a job to do. Moisturise your body. We all know our skin can benefit from the daily application of a body lotion, but it's at this stage where most people (myself included) bow out. Too affronted by the chill that has seeped up from the floor tiles, through the soles of your feet and along your spine, it's all too easy to say "screw it" and go without.

But if you're angelic enough to soldier on, it doesn't get much easier. You slather body cream up your legs and buff it into your arms, but the pain is far from over, as you now have to wait a good five to 10 minutes for the lotion to sink deep enough into your cold skin for you to be able to get dressed. Nobody likes wriggling into jeans or tights with greasy legs. So what you need here is a featherweight body lotion that packs just as much hydration punch as its more buttery peers, but that seemingly disappears on application. And thankfully that exists.

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