4 Next-Gen Blotting Papers That Do More Than Fix an Oily T-Zone

Remember the days when blotting paper was the single most important product in your makeup bag? Not a single afternoon at school would pass that didn’t involve pressing one of those silky papers over your face, such was its unrivalled ability to keep a shiny forehead, nose and chin at bay.




But somewhere along the way, blotting papers fell from fame. Perhaps, it had something to do with the rise of hi-tech primers that boast the ability to mattify skin from morning to night. Or maybe it was down to the meteoric rise of the dewy skin look. But blotting papers soon found themselves shelved alongside pan stick foundations, hair mascara and all those other beauty products that time forgot. In fact, market research agency Mintel found that only 5% of us used blotting papers last year.

But not everybody was so willing to give up on blotting paper. No, while we were all busy buffing in that mattifying translucent powder, it seems that a handful of innovative beauty brands were busy behind the scenes developing new ways to bring the tool back into the fore. And they have done just that.

The new wave of blotting papers don’t simply swipe away a layer of unwanted shine but instead come packed with the latest skincare ingredients and packaged up in genius contraptions.  And the most innovative incarnations aren’t even for your skin at all.

Keep scrolling for the four blotting paper innovations that do way more than simply stop shiny skin in its tracks.

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