8 Game-Changing Beauty Supplements

Beauty vitamins may seem like a scam, or just clever marketing jargon, but in reality, most are just normal vitamins and minerals formulated in combinations and doses that target your hair, skin, and nails. Translation: a hefty dose of certain nutrients really will make your locks grow as thick and fast as possible, your nails stronger, and nourish your skin.

Like our experts have said before, your hair and nails are non-essential tissues, which means they’re the last thing to get the nutrients they need to be their best, after your vital organs. While you may put great value on the thickness or length of your strands, your body has bigger fish to fry. The solution? Maxing out your intake of key nutrients to ensure everything is nourished appropriately. Shop our slideshow for the best vitamins to try, each of which targets a specific concern.