9 Beauty Experts to Binge-Watch on IGTV This Weekend

IGTV is Instagram's new video-sharing platform, and it's worth a little peruse this weekend, as some of our favourite beauty influencers are starting to populate the channels with fun, informative and downright snackable videos for us to binge-watch. What's great about IGTV is that it lives within the Instagram app, so you don't need to move from your mobile.

There are a couple of ways to find people on IGTV. You can either go to your fave Instagrammer's account (if they're active on IGTV, it'll show up just before their Insta Stories highlights reel), or when you're in IGTV, you can search for people. You can also browse videos curated to your likes. If you weren't able to finish watching a video, you can go to the "continue watching" tab.

Then you can interact by liking, commenting or even by sending your fave videos to your friends via DM. Not sure who to watch first? These are our nine favourite beauty experts to watch.